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Haidian collecting volunteer families "jiayi" services

Date: 2015-12-07

New Beijing net 4 dec (Wei Ying) from now on, the haidian district government in the district within the scope of widely collecting volunteer families "jiayi" services, may obtain 1000 yuan each to be included in the family support.At the same time, "hundreds of volunteer family campaign" also officially launched.
In "12 ยท 5 international volunteer day" on the arrival of December 3, wanshou road haidian district government in the streets behind fuxing road no. 24 yuan community, a volunteer "group one" warm "yi yi" voluntary action to promote family salon, haidian district aims to exchange family volunteer service experiences, improve together, make progress together, to do volunteer families project together.
On the same day, the entire district industry representatives volunteer families, the town of voluntary, head of the family activities and community residents represent more than hundreds of people came to the scene to participate in the activities.Moved by the haidian ten civilization character, contemporary mall the voluntary service xu jing to introduce you to do the helpage family volunteer experiences;China aerospace science and technology corporation, which is five yuan ZongTiBu xiao-hui li "volunteer service" captain xiao-hui li tells the story of ten years always quietly engaged in charity, love with hard and bright public course, for people to interpret the meaning of life from another Angle and the realm of life.
The so-called "volunteer families", on the one hand, is based on family unit to do volunteer service, on the other hand is the service object is a family and its members, especially the empty-nesters, floating population family underage children these special group., haidian district government, in the whole wide solicitation volunteer families "jiayi" services, all around the core to carry out the "volunteer families" declare all kinds of the volunteer services, has achieved initial results of volunteer services can also be used to declare.Through the project solicitation, review the selection and social public, support will receive 1000 yuan each to be included in the family funds to carry out activities, the campaign budget of 200000 yuan, is expected to support 200 volunteer service projects.
At the same time, the haidian district government, and district club committee, TuanOuWei, district civil affairs bureau decided to this day to the end of February, 2016, in the whole range, "hundreds of volunteer family selection" is recommended by the masses, the family, the combination of expert evaluation, recommendation on the selected tree 100 outstanding volunteer families, and learn from lei feng in 2016 after a few days ago to publish to the society.
On the same day, haidian "civilization" mobile phone APP is launched.Now, volunteers can scan qr code to each Dan an android mobile phone software market, download the haidian APP "civilization" and the real-name registration, be civilized haidian supervision volunteer.
Officials said, to create a good social environment for normal construction of the national civilized city atmosphere, carry forward the "dedication, love, mutual aid and progress" the volunteer spirit, constantly enhance the level of citizen civilized and advocates times fresh vital qi, promote all-round social progress, haidian district, established by the pilot "civilized manners suggest team has accumulated rich experience.
At present, the civilized manners tip volunteers are recruited, hoping to use volunteers cooked, the advantage of cooked, is familiar with, to litter, disorderly stick a small ads, spitting, noise pollution and other kinds of uncivilized behavior patient persuasion, and will find the problem at any time to upload to haidian APP "civilization".Volunteers per upload an effective information can get corresponding points, cash rewards by cumulative.(after)