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70% of Beijing area will be included in ecological building green barrier red line area

Date: 2015-12-07

China news agency in Beijing on December 1 (reporter had light) Beijing area will be included in the 70% of xiamen city ecological red line area, delimit the urban growth boundary rigidity, controlling strictly the land for construction;5th ring road and the fourth ring road on the 3rd, to perfect the construction of 2 green barriers between six loop.
This is wang, deputy director of the Beijing planning committee recently in an interview with the reporter collective.
More people, poor blocking, air...With "city disease" of Beijing is revised overall urban planning.For future urban layout, wang said "pie to curb stand development, reduce population, increase green".
Specifically, Beijing will cross the city ecological protection red line "and" urban growth boundary "two lines and three areas, namely ecological red line area, these areas and limitation of these areas, to carry on the differential control.
According to wang, the area of more than 70% of the area will be designated for ecological red line area, strictly forbidden building construction activities that has nothing to do with ecological protection, strengthening ecological conservation;16% of the area as a focus on these areas, strictly control the border, the key to improve public services, transportation, municipal infrastructure construction, etc.;The rest of the area to restrict these areas, mainly includes the integration of urban and rural areas and suburban rural areas, to promote urban and rural areas, upgrade the industry.
In addition, Beijing is perfecting the construction of green barriers.According to the current overall urban planning, the center of Beijing city, in accordance with the decentralized political layout is divided into central region and 10 edge group.
According to Beijing municipal planning commission, in order to prevent the center city and new city development, the rapid spread of the first line is the center area of the isolated afforestation region and ecological space between edge group, about between the 3rd to the fourth ring road;City center and other peripheral city executive vice center of Beijing tongzhou, between the second, of the isolated afforestation region between the designated sites to six loop.
In the crossover region around Beijing, beijing-tianjin-hebei is ring joint construction capital, national park, to improve the overall ecological space pattern of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region.(after)