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Strict controls of motor vehicle machine's center city passenger car travel proportion less than 25% in 2020

Date: 2015-12-07

New net of Beijing on December 3 (xinhua Du Yan) the committee said today in Beijing, Beijing will severely hinder, and use economic means to reduce the intensity of car use, to 2020 center city passenger car travel proportional control within 25%.
The committee said today in Beijing, 2013, 2014, Beijing road network traffic exponential stability during all in 5.5, significantly lower than in 2010 (6.14), to complete the "twelfth five-year" plan, formulate the congestion index of 7 below target.Road network state by moderate congestion to the congestion;Network flow time 85 minutes more than in 2010, severe congestion time reduced by 20 minutes.
The committee said, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, we must play to ease traffic congestion this battle, and on the basis of perfecting the governance traffic overall scheme, phased launch major governance initiatives, annual special action plan implement traffic congestion management, continuously consolidate and expand the governance effect.
The committee said, should study use economic means to reduce the intensity of motor vehicle use, the implementation of the more differential parking charge policy, the integrated use of science and technology, legal and necessary administrative means to improve traffic comprehensive management level.
At the same time, also will ease traffic congestion into the supervision of relevant departments and each area county government, and performance appraisal content, urging coagulation hearts meet force through urban microcirculation and dead end highway roads, accelerate the reform of complete urban congestion nodes, the orbit transportation construction, promote the ground line effectively and convenient transfer to underground transportation, a ease traffic congestion effectively.
The committee pointed out that Beijing traffic specific development goals and indicators are as follows: by 2020, the population control in 23 million;Center city green travel proportion reached 75%;Rings in motor vehicle traffic by 10% - 15%, traffic index 5.5;Motor vehicle emissions fell by 5% per year;Line, total 57 million people;Traffic accident death rate control under 1.2 persons per year than the car.Strict control of motor vehicle ownership, reduce the intensity of car use, to 2020 center city passenger car travel proportional control within 25%.
In addition, Beijing will build a quarter life circle: mainly adopts a radius of 1 km walk;Mainly adopts a radius of 3 km bike;5 km radius of the main use public transportation.2020 center city green travel way (orbit transportation, ground transportation, cycling, walking) 75%.
It is understood that the Beijing motor vehicle has more than 5.575 million cars.(after)