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Article 3 the beijing-tianjin-hebei adjacent to the area of road passenger transportation class line pilot public transport operations

Date: 2015-12-07

Addition to Beijing, Dec. 5 (xinhua Du Yan) today, Beijing pinggu to sanhe, pinggu to jixian (including the southern and northern) 3 class line public transport operation mode according to the formal start trial operation, will meet the class line along the Beijing pinggu district in hebei province and adjacent to tianjin jixian, sanhe passengers nearby multipoint ever-changing travel demand.
The reporter understands from the committee of Beijing today, beijing-tianjin-hebei neighboring region public transport reform tasks, main channel passenger transportation class line is advancing the implementation of transportation integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region an important content of coordinated development strategy.
For one year, three provinces and cities of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region pipe transportation departments held a joint meeting several negotiations innovation work matters, and focus group, jixian, pinggu district sanhe pipe body and class line operators business docking.In pinggu district committee of Beijing transit authority considers the actual demand and the local people travel, making guidelines issued by the reform and pilot work standard, administrative licensing procedure, administrative permission down to area road transport management institution specific implementation;Pinggu district Liu Feng transport organization of passenger transport co., LTD., to carry out the capital investment, consider service requirements, completed the class line operation facilities and the environment development, the passenger after training review and enterprise management and operation service rules and regulations.
Beijing municipal committee, said the public transport pilot operation, 3 class line is the beijing-tianjin-hebei neighboring area mainly through public transport reform road passenger transportation class line in the first batch of pilot class line, broke through the inter-provincial road passenger transportation class line "peer-to-peer" operation mode, main channel for beijing-tianjin-hebei adjacent areas short-distance passenger transportation class line across the province public transport reform to provide full implementation of standard and reference, provide transportation service for the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei safeguard.(after)