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36000 people poured into the capital during the year, the largest fair Increasing employment outside Beijing

Date: 2015-12-07

China news agency Beijing, Dec. 5 (xinhua Du Yan) 5, Beijing area this year in the mass recruitment shoulders, unit of choose and employ persons from the home of 725 provides 18500 jobs, attracted 36000 graduates "jobs".Said Ken chan, director of the graduate employment service center of Beijing, Beijing high total employment in recent years, but the graduates not only "3", to the basic unit, to the west, the number of people back home employment increasing year by year.
"In 2016, graduated from Beijing area special graduate recruitment meet the supply and demand, two-way choice" 5, held in China international exhibition center, China institute of aerospace composite technology, national grand theatre, shougang corporation, 283 central and Beijing municipal state-owned enterprises and institutions, accounting for nearly forty percent;In addition, there are Beijing Benz auto co., LTD., 442 well-known foreign or private joint-stock enterprises.
Reporters on the scene saw, state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises unit stalls packed before;And corporation is no less famous foreign enterprise, especially the environmental protection, wen gen enterprise attracted many candidates.
In Beijing university of science and technology, majoring in solid waste resource utilization Hou Jie said, with more attention paid to the environmental protection industry, hope to use what they have learned to make some contribution for improving the quality of the air, "treatment is not too care about, as long as the work well, there should be good returns".
"Pay and working place, is not the most important."Beijing institute of technology of xue YanFang think so, too.In her view, the employment pressure, but it is not difficult to find a job, just find a satisfactory job is not easy, "the unit of north China area can consider, as long as you can, director of the play".
In the eyes of professionals, Beijing college graduates employment situation how?Billy Chen, as things stand, in Beijing in 2016 college graduates employment situation is good.In the year to the end of November, 2015 session of Beijing students college graduates employment rate of 96.5%, is 0.1% higher than last year.
He introduces, in recent years, increasing amount of college graduates in Beijing, in 2016 total graduates 240000 people, an increase of 7000 people.However, the employment pressure is not a rising tide lifts all boats.
He said the Beijing municipal unit of each choose and employ persons total demand for the class of 2016 college graduates 2016 people, year-on-year increase of 9000.At the same time, in recent years, college graduates to the grassroots, in Beijing west, back home employment increasing year by year, the number of the graduates are no longer preferred '3', increasingly diversified employment area ".
As Beijing construction, he said, "the national political center, cultural center and international communication center, science and technology innovation center" and the implementation of the strategy of the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei countries, technology, communications, electronic information, cultural creative talent demand has increased, and civil engineering, manufacturing, engineering talent demand fell slightly, "Beijing and beijing-tianjin-hebei region has become increasingly diversified demand for talent, increasing demand for high-level talents".
The reporter understands, ending at 5, 16, the job fair attracted 36000 graduates to enter, there are 11700 people in the field reached a preliminary employment intention.Among them, the job fair for the first time set up recruitment zone "beijing-tianjin-hebei", nearly 50 unit of choose and employ persons provides more than 1000 jobs, the initial employment intention of nearly 450 people.(after)